The Nature of Human

The Nature of Human

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Good Morning Aunty Eya, 
Atlast, I am also writing my story after reading from other ladies on your blog. I need to share mine too. I am not writing because I need advise, I am not depressed at all and I won't let my feeble self be. I am writing because I can't trust any of my friends. Can't confide in them, they might betray me. After reading 
your blog for this long, I am beginning to feel with you the freedom one feels around a close elder sister. 

Aunty Eya, my Traditional wedding took place last week Thursday. Last night while looking for spare keys in my husband's brief case, I bumped into an envelope of lovely pictures he took with his ex at the Ranch just a week to our traditional marriage. The same time he went to see his sick friend.

The Church and Registry weddings have been fixed, I am 35 and won't be daft enough to make any trouble. I will not give myself the trouble of confrontation ( That happens only on Cheaters).  I am going to majestically wed him and then deal with him. He doesn't know who he is playing with. After giving my all. I am no longer interested in love, all I want with him now is to have kids. I don't want to have my children out of wedlock. I don't want to remain childless or to later get pregnant for a married man because of desperation.

One week to my traditional marriage, My fiance asked to go visit a sick friend who just got back from treatment abroad and is recuperating at the Obudu Cattle Ranch in Cross River State. He travelled, spent two days with his sick friend and returned back. We continue to plan for our traditional wedding. We plan on a tight budget because I really didn't want him to feel pressured or go through stress with his finances. I cut down on a lot of things and even did away with some. I am not proud of the shoe I wore on my wedding day. My Best Friend wore even more expensive shoes than me the bride. When my girlfriend changed for the evening, I felt embarrassed for myself. I was so bent on...

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