The Necklace - Matilda Loisel

The Necklace - Matilda Loisel

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Matilda Loisel is the main character of “The Necklace”. She is very materialistic. One

night, Matilda’s husband comes home from work and brings an invitation to a dinner party.

When he mentions the invitation, Matilda wonders what she is going to wear to the party. Her

husband gives her 400 francs to buy a dress. Even after getting a new dress, Matilda still wants

more. She complains to her husband that she does not have any jewels to wear. She borrows a

diamond necklace from Mrs. Forestier.

Matilda goes to the ball. At the end of the ball, Matilda’s husband goes to put a modest

everyday wrap on her shoulders and she runs from him. She runs so that none of the other

women that have expensive wraps look at her as though she is a tramp. At home, she finds that

she lost the necklace that she borrowed from Mrs. Forestier. Matilda and her husband look

everywhere for the necklace and they never find it. After a week, she and her husband stop trying

to find the necklace and start looking around town to find one that looks like it. Her husband has

to borrow 18,000 francs to buy a new necklace for 36,000. About 10 years later, they finally pay

of all there debtors. One day while Matilda was walking through the park, she sees Mrs.

Forestier. Both of them talk for awhile and Matilda finds out the necklace she borrowed was a

fake. This story always reminds us to face what comes to us.

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