The Necklace

The Necklace

Story: "The Necklace", 1884
Author: Guy de Maupassant (1850-1893)

Central character: Mathilde, one of those who would like to have nice, expensive jewelries and dresses. She is really nice looking, but she doesn`t see that. All she pictures herself as middle poor class wife. She is married to M. Loisel, a middle class clerk, who is really nice and caring to his wife. Her friend is rich and friendly who lends her the necklace.

Setting: The settings in this story starts off from their house (I think) the evening when her husband comes up to her and tells her that they have been invited to this party. This setting has only the couples and their point of view towards the invitation. another setting is when she goes to her friend's house for the jewelry and then it's goes to the ball (where the party was held), and then back to their house.

Narrator: Guy de Maupassant, who is telling the story sometimes tells his point of view and sometimes let the character do its talking and thinking. "But sometimes, when her husband was at the office, she sat down by the window and she thought of that evening long ago, of that ball, where she had been so beautiful and so admired". Quote like this one tells that what does the narrator thinks what she is thinking when she sits by the window... The narrator goes back and forth from the main character to narrative. He makes it easy to understand who is saying what.

Events in summary: One day the couple had been invited to this party for only the rich people. Mathilde complains that she does not have pretty dress and jewelry to wear it to this party. She gets the dress but still complain about the jewelry. The husband tells her to go borrow jewelry from her rich friend. She takes his advice and borrows a marvelous necklace she had never seen and feels in love with it immediately. Her friend said it that she could borrow. The couple goes off to the party and Mathilde felt...

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