The Need of a New Career

The Need of a New Career

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Susan G.
WANTED: Scholarship Association willing to award a mature and hard working student a position to attend the school in Fall 2008.  Will demonstrate to be worthy of investment through diligence, dedication, and determined work ethic. Am ready to work hard and succeed. Asking for an opportunity.

S.M. H.

As a child, we imagine our dream career.  I wasn’t the average Lawyer, Teacher, but a Dentist.  Seeing others smile makes me smile.  I didn’t have the opportunity to go to Dental School, so here is my chance.  I may not become a Dentist but, assisting a Dentist and promoting healthy dental hygiene is awesome in itself.  I will finally get the opportunity to help others and work in the field of my dreams, Dentistry.

Debra T.

Need of a new career that will turn my frown upside down! I am friendly, patient, nurturing and love people. Sad to say, as a child only saw a dentist for cavities or pulling. Not a pretty mouth. As Mom, I made sure my Daughter had good dental care and am proud of her beautiful healthy smile! I would love the chance to help and teach other while turning my frown into the SMILE it should be!!

Katherine M.

My dream has always been to have a career in the dental or medical field.  I have had braces not once but twice in my life so I can well relate with a patient’s fears and show them genuine caring, kindness and empathy.  My mom raised me and she has a successful career in healthcare. I feel I am a disappointment to her and this would afford me the opportunity to make her proud.

Carrie W.

Thank you for allowing me to apply for this scholarship. I am looking to expand my educational background and leave the aviation industry for a more promising field.  I have often thought about it I was given the opportunity to return to school which field I would pursue and it is definitely the medical field.  When I saw the contest for the free tuition I knew this is something I should go for! I have been told that I would...

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