The Need to Become More Competitive

The Need to Become More Competitive

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Problem Solution: Global Communications
University of Phoenix

Problem Solution: Global Communications
Global Communications is a company that is currently struggling in an increasingly competitive communications market. They have several challenges ahead of them as they set a goal to become more financially viable. Global Communications will have to consider all stakeholders as they make changes that will help them achieve their goal. Careful review and consideration of other company’s results through benchmarking can help Global Communications determine an optimal solution that will assist them in becoming a financially viable and competitive company.
Situation Analysis
Issue and Opportunity Identification
Over the past few years the communications industry has become more competitive. Several companies compete in the U.S. and international markets offering local and long-distance calling packages. Cable companies have begun to offer comprehensive service packages to consumers. These packages include telephone, internet and television. Major companies, like Cox Communications, now offer products for customers including; residential telephone, video and high-speed internet. They have done this while earning top awards from J.D. Power and associates. Cox has also gained as much as 50% of the telephone market in some areas it operates in. The CEO of Cox Communications, Pat Esser, stated; “Cox proved long ago that a unified bundle of video and telephone services would be compelling to our customers” (Neel, 2007). Global Communications has recognized this issue and realized the need to become more competitive. To do this they have created a strategic plan and presented it to their board of directors. The board, recognizing the need to remain financially viable as a company in the communications industry, approved this plan. The implementation of this plan will not be easy. Several problems...

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