The Neighboors

The Neighboors

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English 122
November 2, 2009
Essay 1 Revised
PG 141 #3 Jessica Martin


If I were going out of town and needed someone to house sit, I am certain that I would ask a neighbor but not just any neighbor. According to this story there had been prior interaction between the Millers and the Stones. The Millers had house sat for the Stones in the past. I would say, based on the previous information, if I were the stones I would not have a problem with the Miller’s house sitting for me. If someone has never given me any indication to believe anything different, then I would have no problems allowing them to continue to house sit. The Stones likely believed the Millers were just homebodies. If you’re going out of town, I would think the best person to keep an eye on your place is the neighbor that does not leave and knows your every move. They are the neighbors that know when you have guests over and when you get a package in the mail. You would not want someone that is never around and is only going to glance over to assure things are well. Up until this point I would say the Stones had no reason not to distrust the Millers up until now. I do believe if I were the Stones I would have given the Stones the key.

After reading the story on the Miller’s, I can honestly say that my opinion has changed greatly. Would I let the Millers watch my house knowing what I know now? Not in a million years. The truth is we can’t assume anything; we really don’t know people as well as we think. If I did not know what happened while I was gone and when I returned things seemed normal, I would never assume anything out of the norm. The truth is had the Millers never locked them selves out of the house, the Stones would have probably never suspected any abnormal or creepy activity. But because of the Millers action they had to notify the Stones. If the Stones are able to get the Millers back in the house...