The New Technology Frontier

The New Technology Frontier

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National University of Computer and Emerging Science

Research Based Project

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Table of Contents

1. Abstract 3

2. Background and Justification 3

3. Project Methodology 3

4. Project Scope 3

5. High level Project Plan 3

6. References 3


< 1. Give an overview of the problem area and a brief background.
2. Describe the objective of your proposed research and list down what steps you will take to achieve those objectives.
3. Write in brief the expected academic/industrial benefits that your work will provide
(Significance of your research work) >

Background and Justification

< Give a detailed background in reference to the problem under study. Explain what has already been done in this area by other researchers and how you would like to enhance/continue the work (give justification) >

Research Methodology

< In this section explain in detail the methodology/action plan/steps that you will adopt to achieve your objectives (i.e., How you will accomplish your objectives?) >

Project Scope

High level Project Plan

< This section should contain a high level project plan with important milestones and their submission dates. It should contain:
1. High level activities for the proposed research work
2. Time allocated to each activity
3. Resources that will be assigned to...

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