The Nexters Cohort Group

The Nexters Cohort Group

Employee Profile

It is determined that I am considered to be part of the Nexters cohort group. I am under twenty years old and the dominant work values for this group are confident, financial success, self-reliant but team-oriented; loyalty to both self and relationships. I would have to agree with some of the listed values above as my dominant values. I believe that I am confident in my work ethics. I take pride in making sure that my work meets more than the standard and is completely accurate.

Therefore, knowing that my work is accurate helps to give me that sense of confidence. I am a determined individual when it comes to my work because I also believe that accuracy is of high importance when it comes to my work ethic. As I grow as a person, I believe that my work ethics will also grow and improve. As a Nexter, I am able to learn new things quicker and able to take more information in accurately. As I move into the Xers group, the information I have learned from the Nexters group, I will utilize the information I have learned from this group into my daily life. I also believe that a person can grow and become more responsible in their work ethics.

Moving onto the next phase of the cohort group, I know what works for me and what doesn’t work for me. I know what will help me to become a successful employee now and in the future. I think growing and moving into the next phase can be highly beneficial.

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