The November Rain

The November Rain

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Title: November Rain
Author: dani
Characters: John, Sam/Dean
Rating: R – NC-17
Warnings: wincest, minor (Sam is 15, Dean is 19), references to attempted non-con

Disclaimer: I own nothing. Everything is Kripke's. I make no money.

Note: This was originally for a challenge over at . Here it's kind of a test post, cause I have no idea wtf I'm doing. :D

“Sam, you got school tomorrow?” John’s question snapped his sons out of their fight over the remote. Well, it had begun as a fight, shrill laughter and insults along with tickling and pinning and all the moves he’d taught them. It had ended with Dean sitting on his younger brother as he flipped through the channels, Sammy struggling to breathe beneath him, scrabbling feebly for the remote while Dean batted his hands away. It seemed rather pointless, since Dean was just flipping through the channels, content to watch anything, to just listen to the rain outside, so long as it meant his younger brother didn’t get to watch his show.

He couldn’t remember the last time they’d had a night like this, the three of them together. John was wondering if they should go out and do something, something family oriented. They’d been living in the little two bedroom rented apartment for almost four months, letting Sam finish out the first term before taking off, put him somewhere else for the second. It wasn’t necessarily ideal, but Sam hadn’t complained much recently, even before this last move. As it was, things were getting quiet in an area that had been rife with activity before, John only sleeping at home one, maybe two nights a month. Sometimes he took Dean with him, but as always, his oldest son was reluctant to leave his little brother unattended. Not to mention that Dean had his GED testing coming up, not that John was foolish enough to think any of Dean’s down time was spent studying. Calls upon calls had piled up at first, and now it seemed to have...

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