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The Ocean

Health and Science

Module 1


Ashley Howard


Coalition is a term used for some events in the community. Coalition means the bringing together of people in one place. This could be a community or even a support group.
A coalition is a prevention tool, so groups must be specific about what needs to

be accomplished. After the needs have been determined, the group must consider if a coalition is the best approach to meet the identified needs. Groups must ask the following questions:
What are we trying to accomplish? What are our community’s strengths and needs? What are the pros and cons associated with the proposed collaboration? What are our objectives and what types of activities seem logical?
Recruit the right people
The group’s objectives will prescribe the type of coalition developed. Some

groups may choose to start small to accomplish specific tasks and then strategically

expand. Depending on the needs of the coalition, either program directors

or front-line staff should be encouraged to attend. In addition, invite community

members, youth leaders, and politicians. The size of the group matters. It

takes large groups longer to define and agree on common objectives and activities.

Yet large groups may have access to greater resources that may be required

for accomplishing certain tasks.

Adopt more detailed activities and objectives suiting the needs, interests, strengths,

and diversity of the membership. A key to a successful coalition is the early identification of common goals and benefits of working together. The coalition must avoid competing

with its members for funding. An important consideration for adopting specific coalition

activities is to identify some short-term outcomes. For example, if a coalition’s objective

is to increase public knowledge about chronic disease as a preventable community

problem, a short-term...

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