The Operation of Walmart

The Operation of Walmart

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The operation of Walmart

Jie Zhang



Introduction 1
1. History and Development of Walmart 1
1.1 History of Walmart 1
1.2 Development of Walmart’s Expansion 1
1.3 The Change of Business Structure 2
2. The Investigation on the Operation of Walmart 3
2.1 Marketing Starting 3
2.1.1 The Strategies of Walmart for Research and Development 3
2.1.2 The Criteria for Influence of Changing Goods 3
2.1.3 The Importance of Clear Communication 4
2.2 Process for Choice of Production and Its Global Position 4
2.3 The Pricing and Distribution Policies and Influence of Logistics 5
3. The Recruitment and Salaries of Walmart 5
3.1 Recruitment Policy of Walmart 5
3.2 The Criterion of International Assignment Screening and Selection 6
3.3 The Salaries of Staff 6
3.4 Variations in Labour Relation 7
4. The Finance of Walmart 8
4.1Financial Planning and Controlling Authority for Subsidiaries 8
4.2 Exchange Rate Fluctuations 8
4.3 Reporting on Walmart’s Annual Accounts 9
4.4 Financial Influences 9
Conclusion 10
Reference 11

The report will describe history of Walmart and its expansion from beginning to present day. And it aims to investigate the operation of Walmart in the global market. Then, the report aims to describe recruitment policy and salaries of Walmart. Finally, it also aims to describe recruitment policy and salaries of Walmart.
1. History and Development of Walmart
1.1 History of Walmart
Most people think discount retailing began in 1962 – the year that Kmart, Target, and Walmart first opened. But actually, the chain of variety stores Sam Walton owned during the 1950s faced stiff competition from many regional discount stores.
Discounters such as Kmart quickly expanded in the 1960s, while Sam only had enough money to build 15 Walmart stores. In 1972, Walmart stock was offered for the first time on the New York Stock Exchange. With this...

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