The Opportunities and Risks of Electronic Banking

The Opportunities and Risks of Electronic Banking

The Opportunities and Risks
of Electronic Banking

Abstract: New technology is creating tremendous opportunities for expanded access to financial services. A leading retail bank is delivering an on-line banking service. Electronic banking has the potential to dramatically change the world of finance through greater access, more efficiency, and increased competition and innovation etc. Certainly there are opportunities and significant potential benefits for consumers and banks, but there are also risks. As we make the transition to e-banking, however, we must find ways to prevent every kind of risks. This paper has focused on the analysis of the potential benefits as well as the risks in e-banking.

Key words: Electronic banking; Opportunities; Risks; Security; Counter-measures


摘要: 新技术为扩展金融服务创造了大量的机会。领先的零售银行正在提供网上银行服务。电子银行有可能通过更多的入门方式、更高的效率、更强大的竞争力及创新精神,创造性地改变世界金融。当然,这对客户和银行都有机遇,但也有风险。然而,在发展阶段,我们必须找出能防止各种各样风险的方法。本文集中分析电子银行的益处和它的风险以及应对措施。


The Opportunities and Risks
of Electronic Banking
I.The definition of e-banking
II. The opportunities of e-banking
2.1 The benefits to firms
2.1.1 Different and arguably lower barriers to entry
2.1.2 Opportunities for significant cost reduction
2.1.3 The capacity to rapidly re-engineer business processes
2.1.4 Greater opportunities to sell across border
2.2 The potential benefits to customers
2.2.1 More choices
2.2.2 Better convenience
2.2.3 Greater competition and better value for money
2.2.4 More information
2.2.5 Better tools to manage and compare information
2.2.6 Better communications
2.2.7 Faster service
Ⅲ. The risks and counter-measures
3.1 Strategic risks
3.2 Business risks
3.3 Operation risks
3.4 Security risks
3.5 Brand values risks
Ⅳ. Conclusion


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