The ordeal

The ordeal

The first of February. A day which I will always remember. I was only 10 years old, but the memories still haunt me till this very day. Me, my father, my aunt and some of our friends went hiking in Selmun. An outing which ended as a tragedy.

The day couldn't have been better. We found a place to rest and we set there for a while. My dad and the rest started rehearsing their dance for a show they had the following week. Suddenly out of knowhere, a lightning struck and rain started pouring. Everyone started laughing and dancing including me and my dad who started dancing together and doing dance lifts. Suddenly, a wave covered the land and swept five people with it, except for me, my father, Peter and my aunt.

I could see everyone yelling out for help and trying to swim but the waves kept hitting them and pushing them towards the cliff. At that scene, my father hugged me tightly and told me to go next to Peter a dancer who was with us that day. He removed his shoes and jumped to save the rest. He saw how rough the waves were but he decided to jump anyway just to save the others. My aunt then, jumped after him to help them all. I was still a helpless child back then, all i could do was try to call for help but with the rain my phone couldn't work. I can remember Peter crying and shouting "Evan, Evan" but to no vail. The shouting was horrifying.

Two, Amanda and Angelica, managed to make it to shore and I was happy to see them. They told me that everything is going to be fine but I was certain not to believe them. All I wanted was to see my daddy again.

As I turned to look at the sea, a big wave came and splashed my father into the cliff. He came back, and I started shouting, "Daddy, daddy come back!". And at that, the wave splashed him for the second time. My aunt managed to make it as well, but my dad was still trapped in the wave. We were all yelling for help, but my dad couldn't be seen.

I don't know what, but it was like someone turned...

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