The Organizational Structure

The Organizational Structure

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Self Assessment: The Organizational Structure

Chris Tucker

Strayer University

In the Business world today, Business leaders have long determined that the success of an organization lies within its organizational structure. I found that the company I currently work for is more like mechanistic structure when I took the self assessment quiz. I’ve developed company values because that was how I was trained and taught about following the GMPs and company compliances. Many times the organization’s structure is over-looked or received little attention, during the strategizing process. It however is the duty of the executives to design a foundation, that is able to with-stand the many challenges and uncertainties of the business environment (Mabey, Salaman & Storey, 2001). Organizing is the second function of the management process cycle. It is the process of deploying people and resources to attain a desired goal. Organizing include identifying the duties to be performed, recruitment and hiring of employees to perform the identified tasks, the grouping of jobs to form a department, specifying its reporting authority levels and assigning and arranging resources. After plans are created, and the mission statement and core values established, the organizing process begins. Managers categorize job descriptions and establish working relationships. During the organization process, managers make decisions on various issues including division of labor, departmentalization, chain of command, degree of centralization and formalization. Division of labor is the process of having employees specialize in a specific job function thereby, increasing productivity and efficiency. Departmentalization is achieved after jobs are identified, through the division of labor process (Gale 2006). All related jobs are collected to form a department, which creates effective coordination of effort. Management must also...

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