The Outsiders - 1

The Outsiders - 1

Is family most important to you? Do you have a strong lasting friendship with someone? If the answer is yes then I have the perfect book for you. “The Outsiders” is filled with adventure, action, and loyalty. Even if you’re not a big reader I can guarantee you’ll love this book. Give me a few minutes and I promise I can make you read this book.

The Outsiders has the perfect amount of adventure. Two of the main characters are Ponyboy and Johnny. Let’s just say they got themselves in a pickle. They end up traveling by themselves! They hop on a train and end up staying in an abandon church. Did I mention they were 14 and 16 years old? This adventure leads to many new problems later on.

Do you like good old fashion fists fights? If you do The Outsiders has many. Greasers normally don’t like to settle things by talking they prefer to fight physically. In this case there fighting against socs, which is an upper side of town gang. Greasers’ vs. socs never ends well. Luckily the greasers won. One of the biggest action events is when the socs go to the park to torment Johnny and Ponyboy late at night. One thing led to another next thing you know Ponyboy is getting drowned in the fountain! Johnny comes to the rescue and pulls a out a switch blade a kills a soc. If that isn’t enough action for you I don’t know what is.

Lastly and probably the most important reason to read this classic novel is loyalty. This book revolves around friendship and when there’s friendship there’s loyalty. After Johnny killed the soc he and Ponyboy go to find Dallas for help. Most people would want nothing to do with a situation like that but Dallas doesn’t argue and eagerly helps them figure out what to do. Later on series of events happen that leads to Johnny dying. I know what you’re thinking that’s kind of a buzz kill but if you want to know if the book ends in a happy ending you’re going to have to read it. When Johnny died Dallas loses it and gets in a lot of trouble with the...

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