The Outsiders

The Outsiders

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He read about the outsiders living normal lives like Momentians and nothing about them ever

being frozen in space. He loved the science books. He read about the earth revolving on its axis

every twenty-four “hours”, causing a constant shift between "day," when people, the outsiders

that is, are usually awake and "night," when they are usually asleep. He read about gravity,

which causes things to "fall" to the ground. About different "seasons" in a "year" and about

plants being planted and then growing much like people grow. He read about the speed of sound

and how in about three 10,000ths of a “second” one's voice could reach the ears of his friend

standing close to him. In other books he read about food being cooked and eaten when it "cools."

Evert and Avina had gone into some stores, a school, and a park. Everything was amazingly the

same. The journey was winding down for them. They sure were happy they came, but it was time

to go fetch Xeno. Xeno still wanted to stay, but he was only one of three, and he also felt like his

head was spinning from reading so many things that made no sense to him. Xeno felt bad to

leave so many books on the table, but the sign on the wall said not to return any books to the

shelves. On their way home the sign on a very big building caught Xeno's attention. It was a

much bigger library, but it wasn't for now. They started going back to Momentia. Boy did they

have a story to tell!

Evert and Avina went straight home, but Xeno's first stop would be at Xedna's house. He

couldn't wait to tell him of all these adventures. What would be Xedna's response? Maybe he

would be able to solve some of these mysteries. Xedna listened very carefully to all the details.

Then after much thought Xedna said in excitement, "I figured it all out! I almost forgot this myth

I had heard from my grandmother. Luckily I was still able to recall it. She used to say that there


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