The Overview And Application Of Cs Series Spring Cone Crusher

The Overview And Application Of Cs Series Spring Cone Crusher

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The Overview And Application Of Cs Series Spring Cone Crusher

Description: The sand making machine in the traditional spring-based cone crusher. Combined with advanced cone crusher advanced technology, through repeated practice and testing successfully developed a new type of high-performance spring cone crusher.

Field of application:

Industry: Widely used in mining ore crushing, high hardness material crushing rocks, broken building materials, cement, sand and gravel yard, concrete mixing plant, dry mortar, power plant desulfurization, quartz sand, manufacturing and other industries.

Material: Granite, basalt, diabase, shale, BP, river gravel, limestone, iron ore, coal, non-ferrous metal ores, pebbles and other materials are applicable.

CS Series spring cone crusher mainly formed by the rack, the cone assembly, moving cone assembly, spring mechanism, bowl-shaped frame portion and a shaft drive and other components. Its secondary part, by the electrical system, lubrication system, and hydraulic clean cavity system.
How crusher machine works:
When CS Series spring cone crusher and efficient work by the motor is rotated by belt sets, large pulley, drive shaft, a small bevel gear, bevel gear driven by big eccentric. Spindle dynamic force in the eccentric sleeve rotation swing under do so sometimes closer and sometimes broken away from the wall rolling acetabular wall, so that the material in the ring fixed cone and fixed cone crushing cavity composed constantly under attack, pressing and bending and breaking . After several extrusion, after impact and bending, the material crushing to the required particle size, the lower part of the discharge.
Performance advantages:
Production capacity, smooth operation.
This model can reach a maximum hourly production capacity of 1270 tons, so that the model is the same type of spring cone crusher want more than a distinct advantage. The model is equipped with over-iron...

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