The Passion of Christ

The Passion of Christ

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It made the headlines: “The Passion of Christ: a movie like no other”. Mel Gibson’s masterpiece bringing about one of the most revolutionary visuals in the last four hundred years, grossing up to $ 600 million plus! But does that really matter? Does it matter if it had reached one of the top grossing movies of the year 2004? Does it matter if Gibson used over $ 25 million to get the film done? Does it matter if it got nominated and won several honors? --- I don’t think so. What really matters is the overall effect it had on us Christians. We are, after all, the actual recipients of this movie.

After over 2000 years since Jesus death, the Christian society seemed to be passive of their calling. This movie came along, and gave a powerful blow in the mind of every Christian who watched it, including me. It’s like an awakening; rekindling the bright flame of a long unkempt love for God. Leaving you a desire to renew your relationship with Him, whether through prayer or good deeds, especially after seeing again the torment His Son went through just to grant every soul salvation. It encourages the ‘passion’ of being together with God once more.

Upon reviewing the film, I must say that I like the fact that such emotion and evident devotion is brought upon everyone who watches it. There is a realistic sensation left by it such that the viewers may feel like they were in the movie themselves! All the more prominence on every scene found in it. Alternatively, I found the bloodshed in the scourging of Jesus unpleasant. Still, I cannot state this to be violent for this bloodshed is actually a major factor to the impact of the story, considering that amounts of it are seen throughout the whole film. It is Jesus’ blood that reached every place where he spent his last days on earth, His blood that were on the faces of the Roman soldiers, Simon of Cyrene, the cloth of Veronica and particularly, Mary, His mother, and indubitably, it was His blood that yielded the power to...

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