The Pearl 4

The Pearl 4

Sounds of some early boats loading up their last cargo, lines and bait filled the air. Seagulls skimmed the surface of the aquamarine blue sea that shimmered like diamonds in the morning sunlight. A fresh minty breeze filled the air as I inhaled the salty fragrance of the sea, my second home. I sighed as I made my way to the entrance of the famous majestic 5-star cruise ship, The Pearl. Armed with my clipboard and checklist, I held the silver pen tightly, prepared to fulfil my job and mark the attendance of the passengers.

In the distance, I suddenly saw a figure approaching. At first I saw what looked like a young man with a striped shirt and tight jeans but her ponytail gave her away. With heavy footsteps like a giant, I knew she was not someone to mess around with. Her purple bandana and determined stare made me feel very small. All I could do was hope that she would not be difficult to handle. With a swish of her glossy hair, she walked off behind me. “One down, the rest to go” I muttered.

I didn’t have to wait much longer before I heard the sharp sound of heels on the ground. The sound was getting louder by the second and I looked up in anticipation.

A figure was approaching. A woman wearing a sunhat overflowing with flowers walked towards me. She wore a long pink dress which skimmed her ankles. It was studded with flowers and was full of laces. Her hair was decorated with ribbons and she had multiple rings on every finger. Her ruby necklace sparkled in the sun like twinkling stars in the night sky. As she neared me, she spoke in a too-loud voice, “This red carpet looks as if the cavemen used it! My fine China silk curtain would fit it much better. The sofa looks as if it could do some washing! And look at that, I would…” and she droned on. I looked in horror at her and felt a strong feeling of dislike and disgust rise within me.

Waving her in reluctantly, I sighed in horror as I imagined who would be next, and what bizarre issue that...

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