The People That Someone Can Really Depend on

The People That Someone Can Really Depend on

I decided to talk about my loving family because without them, I am nothing.

Family is the people I can always depend on. They always help me through every

difficult time in my life. When I feel that there are obstacles too hard for me to handle

alone, they are always there behind me supporting my decisions. I can honestly say there

has not been a time my family have left my side. Most people can’t rely on their

family such as me. This outlook of my family came along as a young child. I knew I was

very fortunate to have my family around. I had the opportunity to have both my mom and

dad in the same household showing me the right path in my life. Many people didn’t get

to experience a sturdy home growing up. They would say that I’m wealthy and have a

well balanced background. But I always thought of it as being blessed knowing that my

parents just wanted the best for me.

Now that I am older, I am appreciating my parents for teaching me to be the

young man that I am today. I currently have a child of my own and now I’m displaying

the same upbringing I’ve had. He helped me to understand the love of a family. My son

is my main motivation of my sensitivity about family teaching me to always be there for

him also when he needs me. He deserves to live the same if not greater life that I was

given from my family. I know that me and my girlfriend will be able to develop a close

and loving family. My son is my world and is the reason I am so grateful for what my

parents do for me .

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