The Personal Philopsophy of Education Paper

The Personal Philopsophy of Education Paper

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EDU 119
Jan 30, 2012
Gwen Walter

Personal Philosophy of Education

My personal philosophy for education is to provide a positive learning experience for children from infancy - age 12. I started teaching because I felt that I could help educate young children to make a difference in their lives at the start of their learning process. Parents are encouraged to participate as well. I feel that so many children are neglected and don’t have the
Opportunity to learn in a positive and loving environment. I previously worked with the elderly in a home care environment but my main goal was to work with young children.

I love all children and I knew that I had something to offer them and my community. Children need someone to speak for them early in their life. I’ve seen so many disadvantaged children and it hurts to just do nothing. So I made a conscience decision to do something about it, not just for the children but for the young parents too. I offer an environment where a child can grow and learn and the parent can also get the needed information they need to be a better parent.
I chose Early Childhood Education because I wanted to be able to deal with children at every level of learning. I’ve always felt a connection to young children and I feel that they should have an opportunity to learn in a safe and loving environment. With the right environment a child can grow and become a productive member of society.

I have been influenced by the Montessori approach: Montessori believed in a prepared environment, self correcting and sequential materials, teaching based on observation and a trust in children’s drive to learn. She believed that any task could be reduced to a series of small steps. But the Montessori approach addresses only one educational philosophy which...

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