The Philippines Sona - a Comparative View and a Reaction

The Philippines Sona - a Comparative View and a Reaction

de la Cruz, Tristan John D. LC4, ABPO4 / COMKTG4

2010 and 2011 (SONA) – Comparison

* Both SONAs were delivered in our very own language which is in Tagalog.

* President Benigno Aquino III revealed all the alleged anomalies that happened during GMA’s term as President – from budget allotment down to GMA’s personal life.

* The non-ever changing “Wang-wang (sirens)” issue that involves corruption and abusing of power - to which that He discouraged everyone not to use such for “No Wang-wang” symbolizes Change, not only in the streets but as well to the whole society.

* Engages his promises to the Filipino people.

* Taxes.

* Both are realistic for it covers all the issues that happened and still are happening in our country – the condition of it (from our Economic state down to the county’s Political arena).

* He, in both State of the Nation addressed his plans for the country’s sake and for its (The Philippines) betterment and progression.

* “Kayo ang aking Boss”. He may have never mentioned it on the 2011 SONA but what he was conveying in his speech riveted the whole idea from his ever infamous line.

* RH Bill – he never addressed it in both SONA.

* Problems of the different departments of the Government – Dep.Ed, DPWH, etc.

2010 and 2011 (SONA) – Contrast


* Calamity Funds were questioned particularly that in Pampanga.
* Extra-legal or Extrajudicial killings.
* The MILF issue.
* Laws and Bill - Procurement Law, National Land Use Bill, Whistleblower’s Bill, Witness Protection Program, and Fiscal Responsibility Bill.


* Private Sectors were tackled to pay for proper taxes – within in both Local and International.

* He vowed to defend our country from any external control or whatsoever by means of Sovereignty – Law of the Sea.

* The Philippines’ very first-owned vessel was revealed - The Hamilton Class Cutter.

* The...

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