The Phlosophy of Love

The Phlosophy of Love

In a recent conversation I was asked the question, "What is Love?" I thought for a moment and realized that I could not come up with an answer. I definitely needed to think some more. In reflection I've noted that most persons when asked this question give an answer that is very vague or just doesn't make any sense at all. Really though, what is love? I will now attempt to best describe in my opinion, love is.

Love is not just a fickle feeling. It's the deepest emotional entity that anyone can ever be exposed to. It has to power to take you to a place of utter bliss or on the flip side, present you with life-long torment. Many a person has claimed to be in love but have never truly found it. What they have experienced is the longing desire of their inner self for temporary satisfaction. This type of love tends to fade away with time.

How does it feel to be in love? Love simply put, is a form of glorified anxiety. A person (hopefully of the opposite sex), becomes the object of your attention and affection. When you are near to that person your whole body tingles. If you hear the person's name you smile on the inside and, if you feel strongly enough for that person, it pervades to the outside and shows. In some cases persons have been knows to become anxious, and extremely emotional when in love. They can't wait to see the person or talk to that person and become almost subverted when they can't see or hear the person. (I am guilty of that.)

When you are in love you feel a sense of comfort around the person to whom you are attracted. You have found your comfort zone and you don't want to leave it. If a person claims to be in love, they should be able to say it or if given the opportunity to, show it. Let us not be confused with the commonly believed idea that to have sex means that the person loves you. Many persons fall prey to this belief. There are many persons out there who do use sex as their way of showing love. That is WRONG.


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