The Physical or Emotional Abuse of Child

The Physical or Emotional Abuse of Child

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Lusine Zakaryan
Sociology 356
Karine Morgaine
July 6, 2011

Child Abuse

Introduction: What is child abuse? It is a physical or emotional abuse of child by a parent; it could be guardian, or other person. Child abuse has been in the United States of America as long as throughout the history of the world. Now day’s child abuse can cause a big and serious harm problems and there can be lots of victims and survivals. For now’s estimation of the numbers of children who has been suffered from physical abuse or neglect by parents or guardians it range about 1 percent of all the children and about 15 percent are emotional abuse. Everyday thousands of children are getting murdered from parents or getting injured, disabled, and almost three million children are reported as victims from child abuse or neglects.
As a revealed in these three articles related to socioeconomic problems whether its child welfare or child abuse issues, the media role is so important, so powerful yet extremely delicate. For instants, child abuse cases can understandably be very sensitive subject to talk about given different beliefs; some people strongly believe that child abuse cases should be reported in order to help its prevention. While other people are completely against its broadcast. They believe it is a privacy issue especially when the victims loose their life due to the child abuse, the media reveals their identity. However, when horrifying pieces of the abuse are reported, identities are being disclosed for the protection of the minor children, In this regard, and privacy of children and families must be honored; nevertheless, all child abuse cases should be reported while respecting their privacy. The delicacy of the media’s job implies public awareness of this epidemic disease, and at the same time public...

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