The Picture of Dorian Gray 3

The Picture of Dorian Gray 3

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The only novel by Oscar Wilde, one of the well-known characters of British literature, The Picture of Dorian Gray, is a brilliant work from the end of the 19th century containing horror features. The narrative is set in London and the main characters are: Dorian Gray, a handsome young man, who wishes to be young forever; Lord Henry Wotton, a witty and very sociable man, who plays a vital role in Dorian’s life; an artist, Basil Hallward, who is extremely fond of Dorian. Other characters are Sibyl Vane, a young beautiful actress, and her brother, James.

The story begins in a studio where the artist finishes his masterpiece, the portrait of Dorian Gray. Basil is amazed by Dorian’s beauty and personality. He is not only the artist's best model but also his muse. When the young lad sees the portrait of him, he likes it so much that he wishes it would be the picture that would grow old and ugly and him who would remain always young and handsome. He is willing to sell his soul for that. Dorian soon finds out that his behaviour, which is full of evil, is reflected in the portrait and he realises that his wish has come true. The portrait shows cruelty and age while his appearance is unchanged. Dorian is frightened and hides the picture. Time goes by but Dorian does not grow old. He remains as young and handsome as ever. One night when he meets his friend, Basil, he shows him the picture and kills him brutally. He tries to carry on living his immoral life but cannot bear the burden of his sins. He decides. He is ready to destroy the picture which reflects his soul. But when he stabs the man in the picture with a knife, he falls on the floor and dies as an old wrinkled man. The picture takes back the image of the young handsome man.

Oscar Wilde is one of the most important authors of the Victorian era. The picture of Dorian Gray undoubtedly belongs to this period. The Victorian period is a period of prolific activity in literature. Many literary works were concerned...

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