The Plague

The Plague

The Black Death

Thesis Statement: Over the years there has been much discussion and research into the plague, the causes and the outcomes.

I. The Black Death
a. Overview.
b. Infestation.

II. The Symptoms
a. Different types.
b. Signs and symptoms of infection.

III. Social Order
a. Black Death effects on the social standing of those left behind.
b. Were all social back grounds equally affected?

IV. Fact or Fiction
a. Ring around the Rosies.
b. Statistics past and present.
i. Overall outcome.

Conclusion: The impact both on families, and society as a whole with regards to the overall epidemic.


The Dead littered the streets in vast amounts. Animals roamed the streets and the hillside unattended, and families turned against one another in their desperation to outrun the deadly effects of contracting the plague, better known as the Black Death. The Black Death is known as one of the worst natural disasters in history. This disease swept far and wide. It did not discriminate, it did not procrastinate, and it could not be bartered or reasoned with. The Black Death simply killed, few were left behind to mourn the deaths of the people taken by this tragedy. The infection seemed to spread to any person, who came into contact with the disease. Contact could have been a conversation in passing, or the use of items belonging to one infected. Death was not limited to the people coming in contact with another infected person, it was far reaching, and so far in fact that even the household animals were infected. The sickness caused by the infection on average lasted three days, and if the infected made it to the fourth day either madness brought on by the disease took them, or the infection did. The Black Death had its way with everyone, and every creature it touched. The survivors were limited in numbers, however in fact some...

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