The Planning Functions of the Top Level Management in the China Venture

The Planning Functions of the Top Level Management in the China Venture

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Traci, very good paper and discussion.
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Overall good job.

Management Planning and Ethics Paper

Traci Flinn
MGT 330

Gary Stafford

August 26, 2005


In the following I will be explain the planning functions of our top level management in the China venture. I will explain some legal issues our CEO faces when trying to expand our business into China. I will also explain some ethic, and corporate social responsibility’s that our company faces when making the decision to merge into China.

A little over a year ago our CEO learned the aluminum industry was growing by leaps and bounds [Cliché -- your writing will be much better if you do not use this phrase] in China. There was over three hundred million in US dollars worth of business waiting in China for a company to take advantage of. China has been growing at an astounding 9.5% a year (Business Week, August 22 2005).
Last year our company was approached by a China company asking us to start a new business with them in China. This new company would be apart of our business but the China company would own 30% of the new business. The China company that approached us was familiar with our equipment, and what resources we could provide. This company made the presses for China companies that would need equipment like ours. Some of the companies they installed presses in had various pieces of our equipment.
The planning stage started now, our company started researching the potential business available in China. We sent one of our salesmen over to check on potential customers to see if the business is there. We found out that one of our competitors was already established in China, and that this company was so buried with orders that they [pronoun agreement: since the antecedent (one) is singular, the pronoun (they) must be singular {he or she}] could not keep up. So our company’s planning stage needed to go into high gear and start a...

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