The Poverty

The Poverty

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The definition of [pic]poverty in the dictionary states [pic]poverty as 'the state of being poor.Lack of the means of providing material needs and comforts.' People that are considered poor, or in [pic]poverty are people who cannot provide sufficient food, clothing or shelter for their families.

Although there are far more worst cases of [pic]poverty around the world, people who either have one working parent, or parents who work for [pic]minimum wage are considered poor.

Even people do have food, clothing, shelter, and make more then [pic]minimum wage but can't afford luxury are people who are considered poor. [pic]Poverty is a major issue in the world. It is something that the country has been trying to solve for decades.

[pic]Poverty tends to exist in concentrated areas (city slums, county areas, trailer parks, etc.), poor people are stuck living with other poor people. One of [pic]the reasons why it's hard for these people to get out of [pic]poverty is because there are so little jobs available to them in their area because of the high concentration of other poor people around them.

People in [pic]poverty might not be able to travel outside of their local community and find work elsewhere. Another reason why it's hard for families who are in [pic]poverty to find jobs is because of teens. Teens take jobs that those in [pic]poverty may need, and are capable of doing. Most teens look for jobs so they can make money and spend it on pleasure. Those same teens most probably still live with their parents, who can support them. For now, those teens don't need to make money to survive. Competing with teens makes jobopportunities a lot worse for those in [pic]poverty, because most can't speak English and do not have an education; which is frowned upon in most cases.

In an effort to lessen [pic]poverty, the government offers many social programs and...

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