The Power of Academic Conversations

The Power of Academic Conversations

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A) I agree with her in that Plato’s quote could at first listen by the average listener be inappropriate to describe the essence of college learning. The quote is not enough and it is too simple for all of us. Conversation is very important at the college. In the college life, the college students should talk more and learn more knowledge from professors. People should share their own idea and opinion to each other in conversation. Only through talking do we reach the understanding.

B) A quote in Plato “In these conversations, sometimes a spark is kindled which henceforth nourishes itself.” The “conversation” means informal talking by people to people. The author also says the conversation is too easy for all of us, it does not spend much time. In college, we are learning from conversation, such as conversation with teachers, conversation with classmates. We should share our opinion to the other. When we are in difficulties, we should help each other by conversation, this is “sparks”. We should have the "sparks" in the conversations. The word “sometimes” means when we are having conversation, the spark is happen unconsciously. The spark does not happen all the time. “Kindled” is meaning to help somebody when they need us. We should help people to find what is right. The last two words “nourishes itself” is meaning seek out our own spark and hold on to the end. Find a way to get our own spark, such as we found from others ideas or opinions by conversation. We should help others when they are in difficulties, and through the sparks to light up the darkness in conversations, not just finish all the requirements. "Academic Freeform" allow us to express our opinions. We should no fear to help others. I agree with her analysis argument. It let me know how to do better in the college years. Students should keeping more conversation to the other that can help us too much for being a college student.

C) Yes, I had particularly conversation with counselor. I...

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