The Preferred Me

The Preferred Me

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If I were to be a good role model, I would want people to say that I am good person to look up to and I impact in the lives of those that are close to me ; my family and friends. I would be a good role model to people that have similar likes and dislikes, I would want to be a good role model on the sports field or Court, because I would be a good example of sportsmanship and respect. Therefore I would impact best on sportsman and sportswoman.

The personality characteristics I would want people to recognize me by would be; a good confident leader that is respectful to everyone older and younger than me, a kind helpful that it easy to speak to, and a diligent sportsman.

The values and skills that people would appreciate about me; the urge to be the best ‘ME’ I can be as well as pursuing the career of my choice. People would also appreciate the values I have concerning my faith, morale’s and the trust I have in people.

The talents and skills people would be pleased about would be my talents on the sports field and in the classroom. I would also want people to be pleased about the fact I can humor and keep people entertained when they feel bored or sad.

The things that I did that impacted people the best would be the fact that they could speak openly to me and that the particular person knew that they could speak to me whenever they needed to. I would impact hugely in social way by inviting them to various ‘get togethers’ at friend’s houses and mine. I would always be realistic with them and not behave superficially.

If I had to do all this, I think this would be the best role model I could be.

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