The Price of Human Eggs

The Price of Human Eggs

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The price of Human Eggs

Egg donors wanted adds are seen all throughout the internet and newspapers

capturing the attention of thousands of young mothers and college students who

are looking for alternate routes to earn extra income to help pay for tuition or

support their families. Due to the faltering economy they are turning to unorthodox

means of overcoming their financial struggles by donating their eggs to fertility

clinics to be used for invitro fertilization. The financial gain is the obvious reason

for the increased numbers of women donating but, the monetary compensation may

not be worth the risks these women are taking and their contribution to stem cell

research most donors are not aware of .

Donors are typically in their eighteens to early thirties when they donate this

is when a woman's eggs are at the healthiest and her body can undergo the process

with none or minimal complications before a woman can donate she will have a full

medical exam done as well as being evaluated by psychologist to make sure that she

is mentally and physically ready to complete the donation cycle successfully. Once

the screening is complete the donor is given hormone boosting injections twice a day

which are self administered for one to three weeks during this time the donor is

monitored often by a physician she will undergo many blood draws as well as

ultrasounds to make sure she is producing more eggs. Once the eggs are mature and

ready the eggs are extracted with a needle that is guided by an ultrasound ten to

fifteen eggs are then extracted while only five to six are fertilized and implanted into

the mother to be womb.

The women who donate are not just any typical woman there are requirements

the donor must meet she needs to be between the age of eighteen to early thirties

she must be in very good health her body needs to be proportionate she also...

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