The Problem of Menton Bank

The Problem of Menton Bank

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Case Study 13

What is the problem?

Firstly, the problem of Menton Bank is their staff lack of product knowledge and inadequate training in selling skills. The problem was that they were so used to sitting at their desks waiting a customer to approach them with a specific request, that is was hard to get them to take a more positive approach that involve actively probing for customer needs.

Secondly, the value of the gifts of credit card was seen as too low in relation to the amount of effort required. The value of the credit varied according to the nature of the product for instance, a debit card was worth 500 credits and accumulated credits could be exchanged for merchandise gifts.

Thirdly, they have problem with time pressures when many customers were waiting in line to be served. They have no enough time to give attention for their entire customer. So, the customer will move to another company to get the good product and service.

In addition, this company also has an increase in CSR error. For example, when one CSR had quit, complaining about too much pressure. Although CSR initiated sales had risen significantly in the most recent half-year, the Customer Service Director, Reeves sensed that the morale had dropped among this group, in contrast to the CARs, whose enthusiasm and commitment had risen significantly.

How to solve the problem?

Firstly, they can solve their problem with develop interpersonal and technical skills. Interpersonal skills cut across service jobs. Their staff should improve their communication skills such as making eye contact, body language, attentive listening and facial expression. They also should improve their professional image such as clothing and personal grooming. Technical skills include all the required knowledge related to process and regulations related to customer service process.

Secondly, they must have detailed knowledge of the...

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