The Producers Movie Review

The Producers Movie Review

Title: The Producers
Screenwriters: Mel Brooks, Thomas Meehan
Director: Susan Stroman

Music: Mel Brooks, Thomas Meehan
Cinematography: John Bailey
Producers: Mel Brooks

Main Characters and Actors:
Max Bialystock: Nathan Lane
Leo Bloom: Matthew Broderick
Ulla: Uma Thurman
Franz Liebkind: Will Ferrell

The movie is an adaptation based on the 2001 Broadway musical The Producers.

Who is the Protagonist:
The protagonist in this adaptation is Leo Bloom.
Who is the Antagonist:
The antagonists are in this adaptation is Max Bialystock.

What does the Protagonist want:
The Protagonist is trying to get his get-rich-quick scheme with Max Bialystock to work.

Episodic or Climactic Structure:
The play is of climactic structure. The play takes place over the course of a short time period. The plot slowly unfolds during the play, following a linear format. The cast is limited in size, and takes place in only a few locations.

Obstacles and/or complications facing Walter Younger:

Max attempts to obtain a check from an older woman—“hold me, touch me”—by playing sex games wit her, but tells her he will “send her to the moon” Thursday and succeeds in getting the “checkie” or check from her. While this rendezvous is occurring, Leo is coerced into the bathroom and left to only hear what is occurring outside. Max did as the woman said, but cleverly turned on her and told her to come back Thursday. She was very reluctant. Leo walks into the restroom, walks in on Max, and his personality is somber/polite.

Later, Leo is timed by Max and becomes anxious. To reduce his anxiety, he...

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