The Profile Update

The Profile Update

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Do update your profile regularly

"Keep your profile updated, even when you're not looking for a job," recommends Patrice-Anne Rutledge, author of "The Truth About Profiting from Social Networking." "Recruiters love to find top-notch passive job candidates and having a current profile can help you land your dream job when you least expect it."

Don't badmouth your current or previous employer

You know that griping about your current boss is a grave error during an interview, and it's just as detrimental on your profile. Give hiring managers the idea that eventually you'll be tarnishing their image if you part ways with the company and you'll be crossed of their lists of candidates.

Also, if you're currently employed, don't forget any confidentiality and conduct agreements you've signed, Vergara reminds. You don't want to violate your contract and end up jobless while you hunt for a new position.

Do join groups...selectively

One of the fun elements of networking sites is that you can connect with other people who share your same interests and have your quirky sense of humor. Thus you end up with virtual groups like "I Drink More Beer than Water."

The silly group might seem harmless enough to you, but for a hiring manager trying to find a mature candidate for an open position, it doesn't leave a great impression.

"No one is going to hire the consultant doing the keg stand or the lawyer that belongs to the anarchist forum," says Patricia Sanchez-Abril, an expert on privacy and networking sites and professor of business law at the University of Miami. Instead opt for groups that show your professional aspirations or social involvement, such as an organization for advertising professionals or the charity you volunteer at.

Don't mention your job search if you're still employed

If your boss knows you're on the lookout for a new job, then by all means let it be known. However, if you're attempting to keep your...

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