The Racism or Discrimination and Your Community

The Racism or Discrimination and Your Community

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Where I live in a small Pennsylvania town names South Williamsport a branch off of Williamsport with a population of around 5,997 people, I do not care to make racial decisions against others. Sadly enough, racisms is a huge issue that many people have to deal with every day. We are the home of the Little League World Series. With the majority of the community being Caucasian, there is a small group of minority that deal with racism every day. Most people don’t seem to act like they care about it when faced with it in public. But then again Looks can be deceiving.

Being Caucasian myself, I personally have not had to deal with the racism or discrimination but I do have friends and family that deal with it every day. The overall ethnic breakdown of South Williamsport is more whites than any other race. When we look at the break down of races in a percentage look we find White - 5,927 (97.9%) Black - 47 (0.8%) Two or more races - 51 (0.8%) Asian - 22 (0.4%) Hispanic - 7 (0.1%).

When it comes down to it racism seems to be more directed toward the African American population that I have individually noticed. Racial profiling in this area has gone to extremes more than people care to talk about, it happens every day and most of it deals with what part of town you live in. In Williamsport, there is a neighborhood that has come to be known as Brown town and is mostly made up of African Americans. It is past Millionaires Row and because of the crimes that have happened in the past, pizza companies will not deliver to 'Brown Town' and taxi cabs will not pick up or drop off in 'Brown Town'. In 'Brown Town', there are no Food stores and only one bar and one laundry mat which both you hear about being robbed frequently so when someone needs something they have to go across town. There are a few other neighborhoods that are racially profiled such as 'The Projects' and it is referred to as low income housing made up of mostly all race families who like to abuse the system...

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