The Raising China

The Raising China

The Raising China with Tainted-milk

Dear editor,

 With lots of attentions, China is recently being discussed by the nations about different hot issues, for the one about health and life, it is the melamine-tainted milk.

 There are a variety of reasons why such a serious mistake was made : people were geek and tried every measure possible to gain money, the government departments' staff didn't stick to the stringent regulations of checking daily products, and, maybe, China is not that perfect and modern as we, and foreigners thought. As a matter of fact, Chins is still 'raising', Chinese people still have a lot to learn.

 Chins has long been a country labeled with tons of problems, politics systems' developments, people's speaking and publishing freedom, food and toys safety, environmental pollutions, misbehavior of citizens in daily life etc. After the Olympic Games 2008, however, Chins has suddenly became a country full of pride. It is understandable that the Olympic Games has brought so many excitements and pieces of cheerful news to Chinese people, and hence, they are fulfilled with the sense of national pride. Yet, we should be alerted with our long-remained-unsolved problems.

 What is the major key of achieving success in organizing the Olympic Games 2008? It is the power of union.

 Union, in fact, is the key of raising a good, well-developed country. If we are united, many problems can be solved, with less difficulties. Let's take the tainted-milk as an example. If people are united, they become considerate, they think before they act, they will not selfishly add the toxic substance to the milk. When we are united, we become an item, China. We treat others with true care and great considerations. We will behave ourselves, love our environment, share love and care with others. Chinese people need to be sincere and united in order to make our nation a reputable, well-commented country.

Yours faithfully,
Ann Chan
Leung Shek Chee...

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