The Raven

The Raven

The Raven This poem is written with a lot of literary content and it is full of feeling. I liked this poem very much perhaps it was hard to understand but when I understood it I liked very much because it is charged with mystery suspense that are great attractives not usual in poems, this makes it unique and admirable in a writer whom isn't specialized in poems but only he could give us this master piece .

This poem is deeply related to Poe's life, a life covered with sorrow since his early years of life, it reflects the sadness of a life full of ungrateful episodes and a proof of it is this work written with a classical symbolism and original ethnical style that helps to emphasize what were the feelings involved in the poem. Firstly the poem is based on Lenore who was the beloved girl for the protagonist who died leaving him in the bottom of the depression and for Poe this girl was Virginia his adored wife who also left him in the gloominess and almost crazy; this was the most critical moment in Poe's life and so for the protagonist who saw her like a beautiful angel that passed away carrying with her practically his life.

I see the crow like the symbol of his hopelessness because with that "nevermore" single he reinforces his sadness and depression giving us to know that that, its soul will not become to separate of its shade that lies in the floor "nevermore" Originally this poem is rich in its literary content and in its suitable good rime but in its translation to the Spanish loses its literary beauty although a little is tried to rescue their liric wealth but without obtaining very good result. Although the content remains inalterable its poetic quality is had remarkably lost and this makes less attractive for the reader who always looks for in a poem great literary wealth and of course rime.

This poem has seemed me written of a majestic way since it uses terms that never I have seen in other combined poems...

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