The Reasons of Banning Smoking in Restaurants

The Reasons of Banning Smoking in Restaurants

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Smoking is an act where a substance is burned and the smoke is tasted or inhaled and exhaled. In fact, many people smoke and it has become a common act in our time. However, smoking should not be permitted in restaurants due to the negative effects to the second-hand smokers and the restaurant. Banning it can make a positive change to our environment.

Secondary smoking can harm everyone in the restaurant. According to scientific studies, smoking harms second-hand smoker’s body more than the smoker. Unlike smokers, second-hand smokers do not have a choice but to inhale smoke that may cause heart disease, asthma and lung cancer. Smokers should not involve innocent people in their unhealthy choices. Moreover, children have a higher risk of receiving the negative effects of smoking their developing lungs and their small control over their surroundings. In addition, smoke can impair pregnant women’s systems and threat them of having babies with low weights. Furthermore, cigarette smoke can also cause breast cancer to innocent women and other disorders to various types of people.

Smoking may wound people; however, it can also ruin restaurant businesses. This is because the smoke of the cigarette affects the aroma of food. As a result, smoking spoils the meals. The smoke can also annoy the people with dizziness. These interruptions during a feast may lead to the downfall of the reputation and sales of the restaurant.

If smoking was banned from restaurants it would make a big positive change. This bad act can harm second-hand smokers and also ruin restaurant businesses. Smokers should be serious about smoking in restaurants and would save the physical condition of others. In conclusion, smoking should be banned from restaurants because it will prevent diseases and downfalls and keep our nature clean.

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