The Reasons Why High Rate of Divorce in Korea

The Reasons Why High Rate of Divorce in Korea

Few days ago Mrs. Kim claimed a divorced after seven years’ marriage because of dissimilar in character. It was not only her experience anymore. Today, Korea has one of the highest divorce rates. There are some reasons why Korea has high divorce rate.

First of all, the enfeeblement of familial function causes divorce. Long ago, the family was a unit of production and consumption. It was also important medium which was capable for socialization. Children learned language, etiquette, and so on at home. However, development of economy brought about industrialization and urbanization. In nature, a large family changed nuclear family gradually. Nuclear family couldn’t expect to accomplishment of functions which was taken by big family, so people transferred many traditional familial function to other social organizations such as school, factory and church. When a capacity of family dwindled, a family’s standard broke up and existence base weaken. For this reason, people disregard home’s value and they decide to divorce simply.

The improvement of women’s education and economic status also makes it easy to divorce. Usually women couldn’t receive a high education and they didn’t have any job in old days. Women stayed at home and made their living depending on husband. Even if they wanted to separate, they had to live with their partner being patient because of their financial inability. Nowadays women also obtain a high education and can have a job equably. Women can claim divorce getting rid of economic subordination if they want. According to Statistics Korea, the divorcing rate had been increased 29.7% ~ 45.8% while working women rate had been increased 10.8% ~ 42.7% during last 40 years.

Finally, change of recognition about divorce leads to high divorce rate. People thought really shameful about separation in the past, but they see it in a new light recently. The system and law have turned into useful way as well to the person who prepare to divorce....

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