The Red Convertible

The Red Convertible

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The Red Convertible |
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The Red Convertible
The story is told in first person narrator from Lyman's point of view. This technique allows the author to provide background information quickly and thoroughly, without the necessity of extra dialogue or story line. As the story opens, the year is 1974 and Henry is dead, but Lyman tells the reader about some of his experiences with Henry before his death. Throughout the story, Lyman shares his feelings about the relationship he shares with Henry, and how that changes from pre-war Henry to post-war Henry. Lyman and Henry brought a red convertible and they shared it as one. Lyman and Henry had an overall great brotherly relationship is what I got out of reading the story.
Henry was Lyman’s older half-brother. He is described as having had a large, muscular build and a strong profile. Henry and Lyman shared a red convertible Olds-mobile. Lyman was able to help buy the red convertible with Henry because he had always been good with money. Lyman started working as a dishwasher at the Joliet Café when he was fifteen, and at the age of sixteen, he became the café’s owner. Soon after he became owner, it was destroyed by a tornado. Once they brought the car and took driving across the country the whole summer. Henry was somewhat impulsive, taking the trip without an itinerary or plans of any kind and agreeing to take a hitchhiker all the way to Alaska. Henry was a secure man with a sense of humor and an easy going disposition.
Henry enlisted to serve in the Vietnam War and became a Marine. During this time the draft was still in place and Henry’s number was pulled which broke the two brothers up. Before he left he gave his keys to the car to Lyman and told him that it was his now. While he was gone Lyman made sure it was in tip top shape and was ready to get on the road once his brother returned. When he returned three years...

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