The Red Room and the Monkeys Paw

The Red Room and the Monkeys Paw

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How do W.W. Jacobs and H.G Wells build up an atmosphere of mystery and suspense in ‘The Red Room’ and ‘The Monkeys

Both stories ‘The Red Room’ and ‘The Monkey’s Paw’ were written in the Victorian times. Victorians were interested in scary, spooky stories that were about ghosts. They had a strong interest in magic and ghosts. Also a lot of people travelled far places and came back with stories about distant countries.

The opening of ‘The Red Room’ introduces us to the narrator, two old men and an “Old women sat staring hard into the fire.” As the narrator explains, further more, the opening tells us what the story is about… Ghosts. Additionally the narrator describes each caretaker, for example “The man with withered arm.” Also “Her pale eyes wide open.” And the second man as “bent” “wrinkled” and “aged.” The old and deformed people make the narrator feel anxious and insecure.

Furthermore, the caretakers keep repeating strange sayings such as “It’s your own choosing.” This shows that they believe there is a ghost and is saying you’re on your own. As conversation builds and caretakers say their piece, tension seems to increase. “The man with the shade became aware of my presence for the first time and threw his head back for a moment.” This makes it seem that the red room with ghosts in is real. Other wise the caretaker would have carried on with what they were doing because it was all a myth.

The opening of ‘The Monkey’s Paw’ is calmer compared to ‘The Red Room.’ For example in the first paragraph it says “farther and son were at chess.” This shows that they are relaxed with no tension in the air unlike ‘The Red Room.’ Furthermore, “fire burned brightly” this suggests that it is a warm cosy and secure atmosphere.

‘The Monkey’s Paw’ opening embellishes the readers to think it’s not a horror story; however, ‘The Red Room’ from the first paragraph we can tell it’s a ghost story. It’s a contrast between them.

As the story progresses in ‘The...

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