The Relationship Between Extraversion and Time Perception: a Correlational Study

The Relationship Between Extraversion and Time Perception: a Correlational Study

Customer Service Representative
Instructions: Answer in the support language that you applied for unless asked otherwise

Part 1: CS Philosophy
1.1. Do you have an experience with Blizzard (or similar) companies? What did you like and/or dislike?
Your answer: |
К сожалению у меня нету опыта работы в похожей компании. Мне бы очень хотелось получить такой опыт. |

1.2. Please name 3 words that, in your opinion, best characterize Blizzard Customer Support.
1. Профессиональность 2.Справедливость 3.Эфективность |

1.3. Please read the example of customer’s petition to Blizzard and replies provided by different Game Masters. If you could provide recommendations to each of those Game Masters regarding how they should have answered the petition, what would they be?
Petition: «hi blizz! Nothing works here, I try to do quest but no mobs around. Asked in guild, they said it’s your bug – so get is solved!!! And fast please, this is last quest I need for achievement; need to get it before the transfer. Alex»
Answer 1: «Hi Alex! I am Blizzard Game Master. You have enquired about the problem with the quest, so I wanted to share some info on that with you – that quest is not bugged and everything works as it should. To be honest, our game does not have any bugs at all, and if something isn’t working for you that means that you’re doing something wrong. Check everything again carefully!»
Your recommendations: |
1.ГМ должен представляться более формально.2.Всегда есть вероятность ошибки, нельзя говорить что в игре совсем нету ошибок, возможно они неизвестны.3.Проблема не решена.4.ГМ не разобравшись в проблеме убеждает клиента в его некомптентности.5.ГМ должен узнать все детали проблемы перед тем как он сможет её решить или дать ответ. |

Answer 2: «Greetings! There’s absolutely nothing to worry about as you will be able to complete this quest...

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