The Relationship

The Relationship

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Running head: The Relationship of At Will, Contracts and Contractors

The Relationship of At Will, Contracts and Contractors
Laura Sproles
Wayland Baptist University

Employment relationships begin with the employer and the employee. The relationship begins with the interview and hiring processes. Determining the type of employee relationship is detrimental to the success of the organization. Whether hired at-will or a signed and binding contract that states the specifics of the job to be performed, or as independent contractor, the relationships are to be consistent with the companies’ mission and vision, as well as, in compliance with the law. Knowing the difference before you hire a new employee is of utmost importance. The backbone of any organization is its workforce.

The Relationship of At will, contracts and contractors

The history of employer-employee relationships is witness of the extremes and shortcomings to which human institutions and organizations are made of. Employment relationships had little or no importance in the law prior to the Industrial Revolution in England from 1750-1850 because most of the activities regarding economic welfare was individual agriculture, the family entrepreneurs and their servants. Walter Freedman author of Employment Relationships, states, “The master-servant relationship provided that all the physical needs, food and shelter, of the servant would be met by the master in exchange for absolute duty of the servant to obey
and work for the master (Freedman 1994).” With the industrialization of societies came the introduction to major changes in the relationships between master and servant, better known to day as, our work place. The changes in how the job was accomplished administered and organized opened up a new bargaining agent such as labor unions to represent the employees. Relationships between trade unions and employers have ranged from adversarial to collaborative for many years, with...

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