The Renewable Source of Energy on the Planet

The Renewable Source of Energy on the Planet

Biomass, one of the worlds most unappreciated and one of the most renewable source of energy on the planet. Biomass is defined as plants animals living things. Types of plant based oils. Biomass has been used since we have had fire but break throughs in fuels in fuel mixes started in the mid 18hundreds and early 19hundreds. Biomass can be used to make gases and fuels like biodiesel and E85, and many others. They also burn cleaner when made into electricity, and when used in cars. Also biomass is responsible for deforestation, and to switch over from coal to biomass will end up in food shortages.

As I said biomass is all living things, people have been burning wood in all ages biomass has been the source of life. In places with little living plants wood is like gold used to heat or make things like in very dry climates.

There are two ways my resource can make electricity with biomass, both of which including something combustible. The first is incineration, what they do is throwing any burnable biomass, wood leftover crops or sawdust into a combustion chamber, or boiler, and burned. The heat changes the water in the pipes in the boiler into steam, and this drives a turbine and electricity generator. The steam is then is turned back into water. The other way is pretty much the same but instead you put the biomass in tank and bacteria digest the sugars in the plants and then turn it into the methane the gas rises and is led to a gas holder and then is burned to turn the turbines.

There comes bad with the good biomass still has kinks to work out. Problem one is using biomass is deforestation the problem is that people keep cutting down trees and plants soon if they don’t replace those plants there will be no more sources to use plant biomass. E85 ethanol, biodiesel and vegetable oil cars have one thing in common they use farm crops so if we decide to replace gasoline we will have to use large amount of crops which will lead to food shortages. Also with...

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