The Report on Lean Supply

The Report on Lean Supply

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The purpose of this report is to write the report on “Lean Supply” to the management of a selected multinational manufacturing company which currently is using mass product techniques to produce lawn mowers and other small farming or motorized garden equipment. I have chosen Snappers Company which manufacture premium lawn care and snow equipment for both residential and commercial customers. Snapper products include walk behind mowers, rear engine riders, tractors, yard cruisers, commercial mowers, snow throwing equipment, a tiller and utility vehicle as well as a full complement of accessories.

In the report detail will be present, the detail of what lean supply means in all aspects of their operation, the explanation and discussion on the practicality and benefits of using lean supply principles and techniques to deal with the issues of very competitive markets, focusing on customers, multiple products in a supply chain, rapidly changing products, rapidly changing process technology, pressure on costs, and development of long term relationships with suppliers. The last part is about what should be changed, what should not change, expected improvement, and expected problems.

Detail to them what lean supply means in all aspects of their operation.
Mass production concept does not need long-term relationship with the supplier. Manufacturer controls production, design, and the supplier. The supplier and the company do not collaborate with each other. They just work on their own. If some problems or mistakes occurred, they will blame each other and did nothing. There are no help and collect some new ideas and information which useful for the company. In this concept, there was no encouragement for new innovation for mass production. Some innovation ideas, which could have provided to both suppliers and the company and to share competitive advantage, have possibly been missed.

In contrast, lean supply is the concept to make the company...

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