The Result of Social Perceptions

The Result of Social Perceptions

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Frankenstien Essay

When you think of a horror story images of monsters, terror, and tragedy come to mind. Indeed the story Frankenstein has a monster, there is terror throughout the book and it ends in tragedy. But is it really a horror story? Frankenstein explores the way people are perceived by society. Mary Shelley suggests that the treatment they receive as a result of social perceptions will ultimately draw out certain elements of their nature such as how the Monster despised the human race because they shunned him purely on the basis of his appearance.

Monsters in horror stories are portrayed as being nasty, evil creatures with no good qualities at all. The Monster in Frankenstein is shown as being a grotesque and evil creature, but surprisingly seems to have a generous and loving nature. It was the awful treatment of the humans forced him to show bitter emotions. But if they, especially his creator, would have just accepted him, the Monster would have never been so angry. The only time the Monster was given the opportunity to display his kind nature was towards a woman who was blind, which emphasizes how society perceives people by their appearance and not by their personality.

Most people portray Frankenstien as an old, withering genius with wacky, steel grey hair… like Einstien. Some people depick him as a very weird, mad man who makes himself play God. But the story suggests that he was student at college or maybe in his first few years at university, because it also quotes that he has a brother about 4-7 years old, so it makes us open our eyes to the probability that he is young man in his 20’s.

Monseur de Clerval is most likely to be a friend of Frankenstien, at the educational place he is at. When Clerval first pops up in the story Frankenstien is giving him wine to drink. Wine…drink…drunk! Frankenstien must of supposedly given the wine to Clerval to drink to make him drunk enough for what was going to happen next, so he would not...

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