The Revolutionary War Outline

The Revolutionary War Outline

The Revolutionary war outline.
I. Background and Causes of the Revolution
A. Political Turmoil
B. Taxation Without Representation

II. Taxation and Acts of the British Government
A. Navigation Acts
B. Sugar, Currency, and Quartering Acts
C. Stamp Act of 1765
D. Townsend Act of 1767
E. The Boston Massacre and the Tea Act
F. Intolerable Acts of 1774

III. Major Political and Military Leaders
A. American Political Leaders
1. George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams
2. Alexander Hamilton, Benjamin Franklin, and James Madison
3. Various others
B. British Political Leaders

1. King George III
2. William Pitt the Elder, Lord North
3. Edmund Burke, Lord George Germain
C. American and French Military Leaders
1. George Washington
2. Nathanael Greene, Benedict Arnold, Marquis de Lafayette
3. Richard Montgomery, John Paul Jones, Daniel Morgan, and William Hull
4. Various Others
D. British Military Leaders
1. Sir William Howe, Lord Richard Howe, Sir Henry Clinton
2. John Burgoyne, Lord Francis Rowdon, and Charles Cornwallis
3. Francis Smith and Banastre Tarleton
4. Spies of the American Revolution

IV. Events & Battles of 1775-1776
A. Events

1. Continental Congress
2. Common Sense pamphlet by Thomas Paine
3. The Declaration of Independence
1. Lexington and Concorde
2. Fort Ticonderoga
3. Bunker Hill (Breed's Hill)
4. Harlam Heights
5. Valcour Island
6. White Plains
7. Trenton

V. Events & Battles of 1777-1779
1. The American Flag
2. Articles of Confederation
3. Treaty of Alliance with France
4. Valley Forge
B. Battles

1. Princeton
2. Oriskany
3. Brandywine
4. Saratoga
5. Germantown
5. Savannah
5. Flamborough Head

VI. Events & Battles of 1780-1783
A. Events
1. Treason of Benedict Arnold
2. Loyalists' Departure
3. Victory and Treaty
B. Battles
1. Charleston
2. Camden
3. Cowpens
4. Guilford Courthouse
5. Hobkirk's Hill
6. Chesapeake Bay
7. Eutaw Springs...

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