The Right Thing to Do

The Right Thing to Do

Abortion: Is It The Right Thing To Do?

There have been times where a man and a woman want to have a night of passion and excitement. When those times come, many couples may forget to use protection. If the woman gets pregnant, they will have to decide if they are going to keep the child or have an abortion. Many people believe that having an abortion is morally wrong. I completely agree with that belief, but I also believe that the people who made this mistake should be the ones who decides if they are ready or not to have a child. Some people may decide to have an abortion because of the difficulties in life, such as, having more children than they can handle or being too young. The woman could have also been raped, or maybe the couple has financial problems. If I was to choose which abortion group that I would be in, it would be the Pro-Choice group.

First of all, the parents could have more than 4 children and have their hands all tied up. When I say all tied up, I mean that they don't have any time to spare, they have too many things to do. With another child on the way, they wouldn't have time for their other children. Therefore the child will be jealous or cause trouble in school or at home, with other siblings. The parents obviously do not have enough time and money for so many children. There is only one choice they have, and that is abortion. The more love and time you have for your children, the better life they would have and the happier they would be.

Second of all, there are many young people out there that are making these kinds of mistakes. A teenager cannot take care of a child, they are too young. If I were in this situation, I wouldn't want to have a baby, I would want to go out and party, or make something out of myself. Many students these days want to become a very important person in life and want to be remembered throughout history. They have their whole life ahead of them and have plenty of time to have a baby, but not while...

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