The Right to Care Agency

The Right to Care Agency

This is an orientation report of the agency I am placed at for my social work internship. The plan is that I do all the required hours for this year at this agency. My focus will be on all three levels which are the micro, mezzo and the macro levels of practice in social work. In this report I describe the agency; give its history; critically reflect on their vision, mission and values. I also provide the structure of the personnel, elaborate on the diversity of the service users and their needs and challenges. Again I identify the services that the agency offers and explain as to what the agency expects of me as well as what I can offer the agency in return.

The name of the agency is right to care. This agency has its roots in five provinces namely Gauteng, Mpumalanga, Northern Cape, Western Cape and the Free State. However, I am placed in the Gauteng province under the wing of Thembalethu clinic which is an HIV/AIDS specialization clinic. HIV stands for human immunodeficiency virus which to this day still has no cure but manageable. (KZN Department of health, 2008)

HIV can lead to the infection of the central nervous system which results in dementia called Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) dementia. This is characterized by forgetfulness, poor concretion and difficulties with problem solving. This affects the life of patients in a negative way because they can even forget their appointments at the clinic. Thus the clinic serves to attend to such problems too.

The clinic is found in the premises of Helen Joseph hospital. It is next to the moutuary.The right to care agency was established in the year 2001. it was formed because those who carried the vision were concerned about the increasing number of people living with HIV/AIDS and unable to access medical help more especially when it comes to the accessibility of ARVs in our country.

ARV stands fro Antiretroviral which is a medication that suppresses the human immune virus and inhibits its...

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