The Right to Eat Whole Grains Make You Become Young

The Right to Eat Whole Grains Make You Become Young

´╗┐The Right to Eat Whole Grains Make You Become Young

In recent years, forced health needs, people come to realize the importance of human demand for coarse grains, people began to know that life is good, but can not always eat whole grains. But according to nutrition experts say: good light can not know whole grains, eat whole grains, due to age and to know how to row.

Whole grains rich in fiber
Because whole grains contain a lot of cellulose, cellulose itself will produce mechanical colorectal stimulation, promote bowel movements, stool soft flow, which for the prevention of colon cancer and high blood lipids due to the result of cardiovascular disease is very favorable of.

25 to 35 years age group
25 to 35 years of age this man, long-term excessive consumption of high fiber foods will make people blocked the protein supplement, a substantial reduction in fat intake, micronutrient deficiencies, as well as causing the bones, heart, blood and other organ functions damage, reduce the body's immunity. Therefore, the number of days a week to eat whole grains do not eat more than three days, or drink some coarse grains secret agents of drinks is also more appropriate.

35 to 45 years old age group
This age group 35 to 45 years old, began to slow metabolic rate, you should eat less high sweetness foods fit to eat a variety of dried fruits, coarse grains, beans, fresh fruit. People in this age group recommends eating less than equal to twenty grams a day medlar, medlar nourishing effect, eat health benefit.

45 to 60 years age group
45 to 60 years old is particularly concerned to understand and adjust to the body important nutrition supplement. Hypertensive patients to eat less salt, eat foods rich in potassium, such as dry apricots, beans and dried fruit. People in this age, should avoid getting one kind of coarse grains - rice. Sticky rice genus, the elderly should not eat. However, you can eat oats.

60 years old age group
People over 60 years of...

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